About Us

IQ.Quality was Founded in 2012, It was aimed at the economic activity of import and export and commission agent , Its goal is to make it easier for young entrepreneurs to take advantage of our services of our nominal fees for air cargo and ground and Maritime with cooperation with larger offices shipping on the worlds and rid the customs procedures within the State of Kuwait, Benefiting the client of effort and time to lack of knowledge of the legal procedures for import and export operations and the evolution of matter that became the foundation of the activity of import and export to the activity of general trading terms has become one of the institutions that are imported to the ministries and bodies and official agencies of the State of Kuwait and the  according to studies conducted by the founders of the Foundation at the request of those bodies of goods and services new and evolving to fit the rapid development in the outside world and better services for auditors those actors and thankfully was open portfolio that is managed by the Director -General of the Foundation for trading on the Stock Exchange of Kuwait and the Middle East bourses to increase investment surpluses financial and increase the income of the institution.